Consulting Startup, Legally™ Series




What You Will Receive: 

  • Legal Templates for all of your contract needs including:
    • A Client Agreement
    • Liability Waiver
    • A Memo detailing pitfalls
    • Website Language
    • Operating Agreement
  • Step-by-Step Instructions and Checklists
  • A Video masterclass covering everything from how to name your business and setting up your LLC to understanding contracts and trademarks and more! These videos are broken down into 3-5 minute modules by topic so that it is easy to navigate and find all of the answers you need.
  • Pro tips on:
    • How to save extra money on your legal (including one that will save you $500 versus using legalzoom)
    • Dispute resolution. Unfortunately, they are part of doing business and we all run into a dispute at some point. We detail what we have seen as the most successful strategies for resolving disputes with clients and other businesses (and avoid those ugly legal fees that come with them)

Who Is Startup, Legally for? 

  • New Business Owners with A DIY mindset;
  • Business Owners that want to invest in their education of owning a business – we will begin to teach you the basics of business law that will be invaluable throughout your business career;
  • Those looking for a better option than the current online template companies. We seek to educate and equip, so that you’ll not only get the services that our competitors offer but we’ll also educate you on the way; or
  • Those looking for a one-stop-shop for legal information.

Who is Startup, Legally NOT for?

We do not recommend Startup, Legally for the following

  • Highly capitalized businesses;
  • Complex multi-owners deals;
  • Owners who rely on their business for 100% of their income; or
  • Businesses that are generating $100,000 or more.

We always recommend customized legal advice when it is in the budget. However, we understand it is not always possible so we have created this product to help empower you with the right information to protect your business until such time that you can afford customized legal advice from an attorney.