You’re an entrepreneur. Or, maybe you’re working on building up your side hustle. Either way, I founded my law practice on serving you! But, sometimes, what you’re looking for is something to protect your business …on an early startup budget. I get that, and that’s what this page is for. Startup, Legally ™ is our flagship legal course that not only equips you with the documents you need, but it takes your business knowledge to the next level by teaching you the ins and outs of business law in an easily digestible video format…all to make sure you don’t make those costly mistakes that can sink your business.


Startup, Legally™ Series

Below is the Startup, Legally™ series. Here is where I take your knowledge to the next level. I’ll explain important legal concepts that every entrepreneur and business owner must know. You’ll learn how to avoid many of the horror stories you’ve heard about. You’ll learn everything from legal concepts to what to do when you find yourself in a dispute with a client or business owners. Sign up now to gain the legal edge!



  • "StartUp, Legally is a game-changer. It's not only a comprehensive legal tool kit for entrepreneurs, but it's also easy to use."

    Hunter White
    Hunter White Owner of Ink Farm
  • "I recently have started to use Startup Legally.  The course curriculum was extremely helpful as I am starting my consulting business.  They really fill in the gaps I was wondering about without having to pay high legal fees to get set up and the needed legal documents to start my business.  They make it easy for a business owner to understand."

    Daniel Jocobsohn
    Daniel Jocobsohn
  • “I felt overwhelmed by all the legalities of my business; however, you put my mind at ease. The information was very interesting and practical with action steps. You are so personable and friendly…I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much. Thank you.”

    Mary Dixon Ellign, LLC

Document Bundles

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5 Steps to Start Your Business - Legally

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